Features and How-To Guides for the Scripture Study Bible App

Spotlight features call out the three most important features of the app. How-to guides are available behind some of these pages, with more guides to come soon.

Spotlight Features and Helpful Guides

Screenshot showing notes and shaded margins

Creating your own notes library

Capture your thoughts as you read the Bible daily to build on them from year to year. Use margin shading to help bring the structure of the passage to the fore, and text highlighting to draw the eye to recurring themes and words in a chapter. Backup your notes to the cloud using OneDrive or DropBox.

Screenshot showing multiple versions and Treasury of Scripture Knowledge notes

Studying the Bible

Compare the King James Version with other translations, side-by-side. Search for words, phrases and view Strong's dictionary definitions of the original Hebrew and Greek words (and in Daniel, a short Chaldean section).

Screenshot showing a calendar view of Bible events

Understanding historical background & "co-incidences"

Study the chronology of events described or prophesied in the Bible. Browse a 6,000 year Biblical timeline from Creation to the return of Jesus, and then beyond.

Screenshot showing a map of Paul's first journey

Interactive Bible Maps

Visualise the journeys of faithful characters. Show a map of all places mentioned in a range of verses. Search for towns and villages.

Other Features and How-To Guides

You can also use the Feedback menu option to send requests to us for anything you feel would be useful and is missing, or maybe something that you wished worked differently. Help us to create the app that best suits you.

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