How To Create a New Note

Marking Up your Bible

Notes can be added and displayed before or after a specific verse. Before you can do this, you need to tell the app which folder on your device you want to save your notes in.

Select a verse

1. Select the verse that you want to associate a note with. The background of the verse will change colour when it is selected. To associate a note with the whole chapter, select the first verse.

Create note command

2. Click the "New note" command that appears at the bottom of the window. If you have a keyboard attached you can also press Ctrl+N if this is faster for you.

Note editor

3. Enter the contents of your note. If your device has a small display, the editor may open in a separate tab.

4. Change whether the note is displayed before or after the selected verse using the "Display note" drop-down. A note that is relevant to the whole chapter might be best displayed "before" the first verse. The "Add..." button allows you to tag a note with one or more tags to help you find related notes quickly in the Notes Library. You can read more about tagging notes here.

Verse showing new note

5. Click "Save and close" to save the new note, or press Ctrl+S if you have a keyboard attached. Your new note will appear next to the verse.

Opening the Note Editor in a Separate Tab

Normally the Note Editor opens in a pop-up window. You can click or tap the “Pop-out as new tab” command at the top of the editor to open it in a new tab. Your note content will be kept.

If your device has a small screen, the Editor may always open in a separate full-page tab automatically.

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