Download the Scripture Study Bible app


The Scripture Study Bible app requires Microsoft Windows 10 version 2004 or later (Build 19041) and a device with 8GB or more of memory. Microsoft Windows 11 is recommended for the best experience. Use the Microsoft Store button below to check that your computer meets these requirements.

How to Download

Get the Scripture Study Bible for your Windows 11 device (or Windows 10 device) directly from the Microsoft Store using the button below. You can also read more in the Microsoft Store first.

Price and Free Trial

There's a generous 30-day free trial with no feature limitations, so you can decide whether this app is right for you. After those 30 days you can stop using the software, or pay a small one-off fee of US $2.99 to contribute towards part of the cost of continued development and hosting of the app and its resources. See the Microsoft Store page for the correct price for your country. We don't make a profit on the development costs.

The fee is paid once, then you have a lifetime licence to use this software on as many Windows devices as you like. When installing it on other devices, you must sign in to the Microsoft Store with the same account that you signed in with when you purchased the software.

Continuous Automatic Updates

New features or content are being added to the app monthly (approximately), and any detected problems are fixed. These improvements are delivered in new versions of the app. Microsoft Windows will automatically install these updates for you during the free trial period. If you decide to purchase a lifetime copy of the app, you will then receive all future updates.

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