Support and Troubleshooting for the Scripture Study Bible

Suggesting Ideas and Reporting Problems

The app includes a “Feedback” item in the left-hand navigation bar. This is the best way to send us a note. We can't reply directly, we use your feedback to influence the future development of the app, or to release urgent fixes for any problems.

Privacy Policy (for the App)

You can read our privacy policy regarding all feedback and diagnostics data here. The app won't send data unless you opt-in.

How-to guides and feature descriptions

Browse the features list if you're looking for guides about how to use each feature. All of the customisable settings in the app are described on the Settings page.

Repairing and Resetting

Very occasionally, any Windows Store app may need repairing or resetting. If the app isn't opening for you, you can try these steps to repair it. These apply to any Windows Store app.

Screenshot showing the Apps and Features page of Windows 11 Settings

1. Open Windows Settings then "Apps", then "Apps & features". If you're reading this on the machine that you want to follow these steps on, you might be able to use this direct link.

To open Settings without that link, press the Start button on your keyboard and type Settings. Tap or click the first Settings app that appears in the results list, then within Settings tap or click Apps.

Screenshot showing the Apps and Features page filtered to search for the Scripture Study Bible app

2. Search for Scripture Study Bible

Screenshot showing the Advanced Options menu option

3. Click or tap the three-dots icon next to the app and choose "Advanced Options" from the menu.

Screenshot showing the Repair and Reset commands

4. Scroll down to the Repair and Reset buttons. Click or tap Repair.

5. When the repair has finished, try to launch the app again. If you still have problems, repeat these steps but use the Reset button. The reset button will throw away any settings you have configured in the app (such as your Notes folder) and will un-pin the app from your Windows Start menu and Windows Taskbar, but you can re-pin them.

Any notes you have written will not be deleted, they will remain in the disk folder that you configured when you first used the app. You can select the same notes folder again within the app's Settings after the Reset has completed. Follow this guide for help with this.

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