The Month of Adar in the Bible

The twelfth (last) month in the Jewish spiritual calendar isn't named in the Bible. In the civil or financial calendar it is the sixth month and is named Adar. In a typical year there are twenty-nine days in this month. In the Gregorian (Western) calendar it corresponds to the period from the middle of February to the middle of March. It is the time of Almond blossom, the earliest blossom of the year which is a type, a shadow or promise, of the idea of resurrection. The Babylonian king Evil-Merodach unexpectedly promoted king Jehoiachin out of prison and allowed him to live out the rest of his days in relative luxury, a type of God restoring the kindfom to Israel one day.

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Period Start Day End Day Event Year
Miscellaneous Almond blossom
Ecclesiastes 5:12; Jeremiah 1:11; Numbers 17:8; Exodus 25:33; Song of Solomon 2:11
Israel’s Journey from Egypt Moses dies in Moab because of rebellion at Meribah (approx)
Deuteronomy 1:3; 34:5-7
Kings of the Twelve Tribes Servants/David: Heldai (“worldly”) the Netophathite (“to distil or fall in droplets”)
I Chronicles 27:15
The Law of Moses 1 New Moon: 2x Trumpets blown, solemn feast day
Numbers 10:10; Psalm 81:3; I Samuel 20:18,24; II Kings 4:23; Isaiah 66:23; Ezekiel 46:1; Colossians 2:16; Amos 8:5
The Law of Moses 1 New Moon: Burnt Offerings
Numbers 28:11-15
Captivity in Babylon 1 Ezekiel ch. 32: lament for Pharoah
Ezekiel 31:1; 32:1; 1:1,1-2
Kingdom of God (Millennium) 1 New Moon: Burnt Offerings made in the Kingdom
Ezekiel 46:6
Captivity in Babylon 70-year prophecy in Jeremiah (Temple) (finish, 70yrs total)
II Chronicles 36:21; Jeremiah 25:11; 29:10; Daniel 9:2; Zechariah 7:5; 1:12
Return from Captivity 3 Dedication of the Temple
Ezra 6:15
Return from Captivity Temple in building (finish, 4yrs total)
Ezra 6:15
Captivity in Babylon 13 Day decreed by Haman to destroy all Jews
Esther 3:7,12,13; 8:12; 9:1
Captivity in Babylon 14 15 Feast of Purim
Esther 3:7,12; 9:17,18,21-22,26
Captivity in Babylon 15 Ezekiel ch. 32: lament for Egypt
Ezekiel 32:17,1; 1:1,1-2
Captivity in Babylon 25 27 Evil-Merodach promoted Jehoiachin out of prison
Jeremiah 52:31; II Kings 25:27
Winter cherry blossom that blooms from November to April and peaks in February.
Almond Blossom by PROPOLI87, Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

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