The Month of Iyyar (Ziv) in the Bible

The second month in the Jewish spiritual calendar is named Ziv. In the civil or financial calendar it is the eighth month and is named Iyyar. In a typical year there are twenty-nine days in this month. In the Gregorian (Western) calendar it corresponds to the period from the middle of April to the middle of May. It is the time of grain harvest and saw the start of the construction of Solomon's Temple and also of the foundations of the newer Temple when Judah returned from captivity in Babylon.

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Period Start Day End Day Event Year
Miscellaneous Ruth & Boaz
Ruth 1:22; 2:23; Leviticus 23:22; Deuteronomy 24:19
Gospels & Apostles 26 Jesus seen of the disciples 40 days
Acts 1:3; Daniel 9:27
Gospels & Apostles 3 Paul’s 7 days at Troas (on his 3rd journey)
Acts 20:6
Miscellaneous General (e.g. wheat) harvest
Genesis 30:14; Ruth 2:23; Judges 15:1; I Samuel 6:13; 12:17
Kings of the Twelve Tribes Servants/David: Dodai (“loving”), an Ahohite (“brother of rest”)
I Chronicles 27:4
Return from Captivity Temple foundations started (start)
Ezra 3:8; Isaiah 44:28
Israel’s Journey from Egypt 1 Israel numbered in Sinai
Numbers 1:1,18
The Law of Moses 1 New Moon: 2x Trumpets blown, solemn feast day
Numbers 10:10; Psalm 81:3; I Samuel 20:18,24; II Kings 4:23; Isaiah 66:23; Ezekiel 46:1; Colossians 2:16; Amos 8:5
The Law of Moses 1 New Moon: Burnt Offerings
Numbers 28:11-15
Kingdom of God (Millennium) 1 New Moon: Burnt Offerings made in the Kingdom
Ezekiel 46:6
Kings of the Twelve Tribes 2 Solomon’s Temple construction (start)
I Kings 6:1; II Chronicles 3:2; I Kings 6:37,38; Acts 7:47
Before Israel entered Egypt 10 The Flood: 8 people entered the ark
Genesis 7:1,4,10,11; Matthew 24:38; I Peter 3:20; Luke 17:27
The Law of Moses 14 Passover for those unclean in 1st month
Numbers 9:11
Kings of Judah 14 Passover re-instated under Hezekiah
II Chronicles 30:1-3,13-15; 29:3; 30:3; Numbers 9:11
Kings of Judah 14 28 Feast of Unleavened Bread kept again under Hezekiah
II Chronicles 30:21-23; 29:3; 30:3
Israel’s Journey from Egypt 15 Israel entered wilderness of Sin between Elim & Sinai, murmur
Exodus 16:1
Israel’s Journey from Egypt 15 Quails provided for meat (at even)
Exodus 16:1,13
Israel’s Journey from Egypt 16 21 Manna first provided (in 6 mornings)
Exodus 16:1,13,22
Before Israel entered Egypt 17 The Flood: Rain begins to fall for world’s disobedience
Genesis 7:11; Matthew 24:39
Before Israel entered Egypt 17 The Flood: Rain falling 40 days
Genesis 7:11,12,14
Before Israel entered Egypt 17 The Flood: waters prevailed on the earth 150 days
Genesis 7:11,24; 8:3
Israel’s Journey from Egypt 17 Manna bred worms & stank because of disobedience of Israel
Exodus 16:1,13,19,20
Israel’s Journey from Egypt 20 Cloud lifted from the Tabernacle
Numbers 10:11
Israel’s Journey from Egypt 22 A sabbath - first day without Manna
Exodus 16:1,13,22
Israel’s Journey from Egypt 23 Israel travel 3 days from Sinai after 11 months
Numbers 10:33,11
Before Israel entered Egypt 27 The Flood: Earth fully dry
Genesis 8:14,13
Wheat harvest.
Wheat by -T-T-, Pixabay

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