Bible Chronology Study Features of the Scripture Study Bible

Use the chronological views to browse events in the Bible throughout a year in Bible Calendar view, or across decades and millenia in the Bible Timeline view.

Use these tools to identify designed co-incidences that teach principles. Did you know, for example, that the King's scribes in Esther chapter 3 published the persecution commanded by Haman on the 13th Abib? This was the same date in the year that priests, scribes and elders consulted and decided that they would kill Jesus Christ 500 years later (Matthew 26:1-5)?

Screenshot showing part of the Calendar view of events in the Bible

Interactively browse the Bible Calendar view to see a full Hebrew year of events recorded in the Bible.

Static lists of these events are also freely shared here on our website.

Screenshot showing part of the Timeline view of events in the Bible

Browse the Bible Timeline view to see events recorded or prophesied in the Bible, or otherwise of interest to the Bible student, across decades and millenia.

Please note that this is a huge project and is being continually extended through automatic updates to the app.

Screenshot showing entries next to a verse

See relevant entries listed underneath verses, along with other events occurring on the same date.

You can turn these off in Settings if you find them distracting when reading.

Screenshot showing rulers of Greece and Macedonia

Navigate the amazing Bible Timeline to focus on key periods of history, such as that prophesied in Daniel 11, and see the events laid out chronologically.

Screenshot showing Daniel 11 with chronological notes

Read the original scriptural passages and see the prophesied events given as notes below each verse, such as in this example from Daniel 11. Discover the amazing detail given by God to build the faith of those who seek the truth and humble themselves to read and to study His Word.

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