Using Bookmarks in the Scripture Study Bible App


One of the most powerful way to learn the Bible is to compare different passages with each other. The Old Testament gives deep context and background to events in the New Testament, for example. Psalm 22 is an amazingly accurate prophecy of Jesus' death, resurrection and future Kingdom on Earth.

There are three tools that are useful for comparing different passages:-

Bookmarks are a list of references that appear in the navigation-pane on the left side of the app. You can add any chapter or verse to the bookmarks list, and remove it when you've done. Unlike Tabs, Bookmarks are saved so if you close and re-open the app, any Bookmarks you created previously will still be there.

If you've configured a folder to store your notes in, and have used OneDrive or DropBox for that folder, then bookmarks are synchronized between different devices. Bookmark a passage when reading on your tablet and then research it later on your desktop computer, for example. Bookmarks created on one device may take a few seconds to appear on another device.

Creating a Bookmark

To create a bookmark for a chapter, navigate to the chapter and check that the window title shows the chapter you expect. Then click or tap the “Add bookmark” command in the command bar at the bottom of the window. The bookmark will appear on the left in the navigation list.

To create a bookmark for a specific verse, navigate to the chapter and then click or tap the verse to select it. From there, click or tap the “Add bookmark” command. Again, the bookmark will appear in a list on the left.

Removing a Bookmark

To remove a bookmark, first click or tap it in the bookmarks list to open it in a tab. The command bar at the bottom should show a “Remove bookmark” command. Click or tap that command to remove the bookmark from the list in the navigation pane.

When You're Done

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