How To Highlight Words

Marking Up your Bible

Sometimes a key word, phrase or idea is repeated throughout a chapter or even through a whole book. The idea of Jesus being “better” than His shadow (the Law of Moses) is throughout Paul's epistle to the Hebrews, for example.

This app lets you select words and phrases and highlight them as you read, to help you remind yourself of the theme when you return.

How To Highlight a Special Word

Select a word in a verse

1. Select the word or phrase that you want to highlight. Note that the paragraph is shaded too.

Highlight words command

2. Click the "Highlight words" command at the bottom of the window and choose a highlight colour. If you can't see this command, make sure that you have configured your notes storage folder and that you haven't unticked the setting to "Show my text highlighting".

The "Theme" highlight colour will use the Windows "accent" theme colour - this matches the colour of other software across your whole device. This colour can change. To change this colour across your whole device, open the Windows Personalization settings. You will need to restart the Scripture Study Bible app to fully pick up any change.

Word is now highlighted

3. The word or phrase you selected is now highlighted.

4. To remove the highlight, select the text again. The command at the bottom will show "Remove highlight" instead.

Why Words of Jesus Aren't Highlighted Already

This app doesn't already automatically highlight words of Jesus. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, the whole Bible is the Word of God spoken through many prophets, of whom Jesus is one. He is the most important as the Son of God, but there are men who spoke the Word of God. All of God's Word is equally life-savingly important.

The second reason is that Jesus is very often basing his comment or command on a passage of the Old Testament. The Old Testament helps explain the New by giving more context. We didn't feel that it is right to highlight a phrase that Jesus repeated, but to ignore the place where it is written in the Old Testament. Both places are the Word of His Father.

If you disagree, feel free to add your own highlighting to the words spoken by Christ as you daily read your digital Bible.

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