Bible Study Features

When the truth of the Bible message is understood correctly, the same core message is taught consistently on many, many levels with a near-infinite number of types, shadows and parallels. This consistency across thousands of years of writing, in a depth and complexity beyond man's accomplishment, is one seal declaring that the author of the Bible is divine.

The study tools mentioned on this page aim to help you slowly uncover more types, shadows and parallels as you read the Bible. You can then use the note-taking and bible-marking features described elsewhere to record your findings.

Screenshot showing Strong's numbers in-line with the Authorised Version of the Bible, and a pop-up window showing the definition of one of the words

Turn on Strong's Numbers next to words from the Authorised Version of the Bible, and click a number to see the definition.

Turn these on permanently for all passages by changing the app's Settings, or quickly turn them on temporarily just for the open passage you're reading.

Screenshot showing both the Authorised Version and Young's Literal Translation as separate columns of text along with notes from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Turn on additional versions to show next to the Authorised Version as extra columns or rows as you prefer. Turn on notes from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge to see a list of cross-references.

Screenshot showing just the Authorised Version text, but with a pop-up showing additional study detail for a given verse, including Strong's Numbers and additional translations

Leave just the Authorised Version enabled for easy reading, but select a verse and click "Study View" to pop-up more detail.

The extra detail for a verse includes Strong's Numbers, several additional translations, Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names for any recognised names in the verse, and any chronological entries mentioned in the verse or occurring the same day.

Other Bible Study Features

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