Privacy Policy - Scripture Study Bible app

What data we access or collect

The following data collection and processing are all disabled (off) by default. They are enabled only if you clearly give your consent when asked by the app. From the Settings page in the app you can turn these off at any time, even after previously agreeing to turn any part on.

There are no direct consequences for opting out of collecting any of the above data, although over time the more people agree to share the crash, error and usage telemetry, the higher the app’s quality will be. Your consent is our basis for collecting the data. There is no contractual or statutory requirement to give your consent.

Why we collect these data

The app processes notes from a folder you select on your device as a useful feature of the app. This allows you to create, edit and delete notes as you use the software if you wish. The app does not transfer these notes off your device.

We collect crash and error reports, and usage telemetry, in order to improve the quality of the app and of your experience using it. These are transferred off your device to a Microsoft-hosted service.

These data are not used for any other purpose, they are not used for marketing.

You as an individual are not in any way profiled by the data you share and no decisions about you are made based on it.

How these data are kept confidential

Any data are held by Microsoft (the Data Processor) and viewed only by the (non-Microsoft) software author (the Data Controller). They are never shared with any other third party.

All data uploaded or sent to Microsoft App Center (the crash, error and usage data) are automatically and entirely deleted within thirty days, without exception.

Who we are (the software author)

This software is authored by David Thompson, who can be contacted by sending an e-mail to dpo at, replacing " at " with the @ sign of a standard email address. For the purposes of GDPR, David is the Data Controller.

Deleting my data

Turning off consent within the app is enough to stop sending any new data and delete any uploaded data within the standard GDPR terms of thirty days. As such, there should be no need to request data deletion, however the contact details above can be used for this purpose if necessary. Prior to the data being deleted, a request for a copy of any data held can also be sent to the e-mail address above.

Remember that you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Should you wish to report a complaint or if you feel that we have not addressed your concern in a satisfactory manner, you may contact the European Union’s Information Commissioner’s Office.

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