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Focused Reading

Your digital Bible. A simple way to read and to study the Bible on modern Windows 11 devices, focusing on the Authorized Version (King James Version). Switch on Strong's numbering to check the meaning and usage of words in the original Hebrew and Greek. Search for words, phrases and combinations in English or by Strong's number - or mix both in the same search. Build a list of bookmarks of references to study a theme or to come back to later and synchronize them between all of your devices. Store your own notes with each verse. Scroll naturally from side to side to keep reading across chapter boundaries. Free from obvious religious symbols, and no background music or adornments.

Key Features

Screenshot showing notes and shaded margins

Creating your own notes library

Capture your thoughts as you read the Bible daily to build on them from year to year. Use margin shading to help bring the structure of the passage to the fore, and text highlighting to draw the eye to recurring themes and words in a chapter. Backup your notes to the cloud using OneDrive or DropBox.

Screenshot showing multiple versions and Treasury of Scripture Knowledge notes

Studying the Bible

Compare the King James Version with other translations, side-by-side. Search for words, phrases and view Strong's dictionary definitions of the original Hebrew and Greek words (and in Daniel, a short Chaldean section).

Screenshot showing a calendar view of Bible events

Understanding historical background & "co-incidences"

Study the chronology of events described or prophesied in the Bible. Browse a 6,000 year Biblical timeline from Creation to the return of Jesus, and then beyond.

Screenshot showing a map of Paul's first journey

Interactive Bible Maps

Visualise the journeys of faithful characters. Show a map of all places mentioned in a range of verses. Search for towns and villages.

Read about more features in the full features list - including some “how-to” guides.

Why This App (or Why Not)?

This app was written purely as a means to read the Bible easily on modern Windows devices, and to take and store notes and thoughts.

This app isn't a comprehensive suite of translations, commentaries and lexicons. The app tries to avoid being accidentally biased against what the Bible truly teaches. Most large traditional commentaries are avoided to reduce that risk.

If you're after a more comprehensive suite of resources the following are recommended:-

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